Superheroes vs Villains at Desire Resorts

Desire Superhero VS Villain May 26 - 29

Superheroes vs Villains at Desire Resorts May 26 – 29

Every superhero needs a supervillain, but when it comes to comics, one rivalry rises above the rest: Marvel vs. DC Comics. Loose yourself in the world of comics, and imagine how the erotic battle between the world’s most sensual & sexiest will play out. It is not the battle between good and evil, but a fight between gods and goddesses, as the Avengers take on the Justice League.

Event Details:

May 26th – 29th: Superhero Show, Desire’s Boot Camp, Live Rock Bands, Foam Party, Live DJ’s, Sexy Games, Drinking Contest, Body Painting, Pool Parties

Dress Code: Superhero Body Paint or Superhero Costume

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